About us 2

Lake Apparel


Lake Apparel dedicates itself to connecting our customers with the beauty of nature. Our goals include ethical and sustainable practices, along with job creation. We strive to achieve these objectives one design and one garment at a time. This balance of small runs, materials sourced with environmentally sound practices, and fairly paid workers provides the framework of our brand. 



Our location along beautiful Oneida Lake in upstate New York inspired us to create a sustainable manufacturing facility. The area’s tremendous labor pool allows Lake Apparel to maintain a creative and talented team that loves reproducing nature’s aesthetic. This affords us the ability to create a production model that allows the environment, our staff, and our consumers to benefit. Our aesthetic flows from nature without sacrificing style. Our consumers understand dressing well often includes a connection to nature, which we seek to provide. 


We produce our products in small batches to avoid waste resulting from overproduction. With inspiration from our idyllic surroundings, we reduce our footprint and pass the savings along to our customers. At Lake Apparel, we believe that less waste, quality control, and smart production led to superior products while promoting a positive and just working environment for our employees.